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long time no see, deviantart journals

this is me going off about naruhina and narusaku, so yeah. this is spoiler heavy.

Ahem. Let's start writing in a more appropriate way now, shall we? Let me clarify a few things first. I ship NaruHina and I honestly love Sakura's character to bits. Honestly, I have no qualms if NaruSaku does become canon, as it does not mean I still can't ship NaruHina.

Now that that's out of the way, I personally think that NaruHina has a much better chance of becoming canon (though I don't cross my fingers on it).


Well, the answer is simple. NaruHina is simply more developed, but NaruSaku is clearly lacking that development. (I would source the manga, but I'm typing this on the iPad, and it'd be pretty tedious to).

1. Kishi constantly reminds us that Sakura is NOT in love with Naruto, but rather with Sasuke. And I mean constantly, that her feelings are for Sasuke and have not faded in anyway.
Chapter 252, if I remember, was when Sakura told that she researched Orochimaru and Kabuto all by herself because she had NOT and would NOT forgot Sasuke. 
Remember during the war, an Iwa nin gave Sakura a love letter, though she said she had somebody else? Guess who she thought of, instantly? That's right folks, she thought of Sasuke!
We can also never forget that Kishi ruins possible NaruSaku moments with comic relief (first chaptr of Shippuden, I think? I have horrible memory if I don't commit.)

2. Kishi is reminding us that Hinata is still very well alive and that she's still here. Heck, she fought against a demi-god to protect Naruto even though she knew she was outclassed (Personally, I think she truly intended to die on the battlefield). And why not Sakura, who's spent more time with Naruto in general? Why not Sakura, a medic nin? The answer is simple. Kishi wanted it to be Hinata. 

3. Kishi making Sakura think of how much Hinata loved Naruto during that moment. He easily could've skipped this, but guess what, Kishimoto did not skip it and he purposely drew that in.

4. Kishi made Neji remind Naruto that they were comrades and friends, but he also said that Hinata was willing to die for him. Now, again, Kishi did not have to write this in. Obviously Neji and Naruto have a friendship, but then again, why did he talked about Hinata, then? I swear, I cannot count how many times Kishi has drawn something in about this stuff that was definitely not needed.

5. Naruto is not an idiot when it comes down to emotions. He knows that Sakura loves Sasuke, as depicted in the hospital scene, where Sakura hugged Sasuke and Naruto just smiled knowingly. During Sakura's "confession," Naruto strictly told her that he hated people who lied to themselves. Why? Because he KNEW that Sakura loved Sasuke, and that she still does. I cannot understand why people ignore that.

Now listen- As I've stated before, I have no qualms is Kishi does make NaruSaku canon. But I will not forgive him for the fact that he basically crushed the character development he gave Sakura and Hinata, based on who they love. Sakura wanted to be strong enough to save Sasuke from the darkness. Hinata wanted to be strong enough to support Naruto. You know what they shared in common? They both wanted to prove themselves strong, that they are actually worth something.

Hinata's love for Naruto and Sakura's love for Sasuke both helped them to become strong, but Kishi would absolutely destroyed all of that character development if NaruSaku (And even SasuKarin) ever became canon. And that, I will despise.

If Kishi wanted to make NaruSaku canon, he wouldn't have shown Hinata falling from chakra exhaustion and praying that Naruto would be okay, he wouldn't have shown the fact that Sakura studied up on Orochimaru for the sake of Sasuke. You have to realize that as a mangaka, you'll be really busy. Kishi has to pop out a new chapter, sixteen pages, every week, with only three hours of free time on Saturday. So obviously, you cannot expect him to include every single detail. But for those moments I've mentioned? He did include them, and that's saying something.

Think of all the wasted ink, wasted space, that Kishi had gone through if he spent all that time drawing and inking character development for Hinata and Sakura based on whom they love, only to end up tearing it apart for something else. You simply do not build a character and then strip all of it away- That's poor writing there.

You can tell me that Naruto loves Sakura and that NaruHina will always be one-sided (We haven't even gotten Naruto's response to Hinata's confession, too, so niether you and I know how he feels towards Hinata in that way). But the thing is, isn't NaruSaku one-sided? It seems high inprobable to me that Naruto loves Sakura, but even then, Sakura has her heart set on Sasuke. You have to remember, Naruto's little crush on Sakura happened when he was twelve.

Do you know what we were like when we were twelve? Oh, I can assure you that no matter what you said, you were immature when you were twelve, and you'd probably laugh if someone dare utter the scientific word for male gentials. That, and you were most likely going through your weeaboo phase. Everyone has had those crushes, yes, but most of them are not going to turn into full blown love. At that age you probably don't know how romantic love even felt like.

Bring up the whole Minato asking Naruto if Sakura's his girlfriend thing all you want- I'm pretty sure it was only for comic relief and that Naruto could very well be joking (What a time to be joking around on a battlefield) about it when he said yes. After all, he pretty well knows that Sakura loves Sasuke, and he's even admitted it to himself.

You can say that Naruto doesn't interact much with Hinata, but in these recent chapters, I can say that sure is a whole lot of action going on there. I mean, it's very obvious that Naruto does care about Hinata. He went six tails, and even eight, when he thought that Pein had killed her, as well as when he protected her on the battlefield. And, who could forget the handhold in chapter 615, where he also thanked her by being by his side? (If you argue with me about it being a means of transferring the Kyuubi's chakra, do remember that Naruto literally transferred the chakra to Lee by just touching his back. He purposely held Hinata's hand).

Yes, I understand that Naruto is a shounen manga, so obviously romance is going to be a side plot. But for so long Kishi has shown those romantic parts of his story. Don't forget Sakura telling Sasuke that she loves him, only for him to thank her and put her to sleep (And we rarely see this side of Sasuke, so it MEANS something). Oh, and the part where Naruto and Sai basically discussed how Sakura was willing to kill Sasuke because she loved him. 

Naruto is Kishi's manga. He does whatever he wants to it, with his characters, the plots, the whole darned thing because he's the author.

But I did not read all of that character development given to Sakura and Hinata Kishi was put so much work on, only for it to be thrown away within literally seconds.
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I am an artist (no shit) and I tend to draw animals and dragons because I can never draw humanoids. I've been drawing since I have four, but started drawing dragons around the age of six. I started to draw other things when I was ten. And then just recently I got my tablet for Christmas and that's my art history :v

I tend to curse. A lot. I have a potty mouth and I understand I can come off as sarcastic or rude... If you're being rude. But sometimes I curse in a non-rude way too so.

And I have a pretty short temper too but I try to not let it show. I have a variety of interests; the internet, drawing, writing, food, playing games, torturing my brothers... And so on.

I am also in many fandoms, like Hetalia, Homestuck, Ranma 1/2, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, Okami, Inuyasha and I can't remember the rest becuz no. I also ship a lot of things so I have a lot of OTPs. They can be homosexual pairings or heterosexual pairings and stuff. Yeah.

That's really all about me I guess.

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